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Garden City 3v3 Lacrosse Tournament

Date: August 14th
Location: Fort Missoula

Team registration:

$150 per team 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th teams (min roster size 3, max roster size 4)

$200 per team - 5th/6th and up (min roster size 3, max roster size 5)

**Shirt included in registration**

  • Game length - Two 10 minute halves. Three minute halftime.

  • Highest score at end gets 2 points, ties get 1 point each, loss is 0 points. 

  • Playoff brackets will be seeded by point totals.

  • 4 game guarantee.

Official 3x rules 


1st-2nd Boys

1st-2nd Girls

3rd-4th Boys

3rd-4th Girls

5th-6th Boys

5th-6th Girls

7th-8th Boys

7th-8th Girls

9th-10th Boys

9th-10th Girls

11th-12th Boys

11th-12th Girls

18+ Co-ed Casual

18+ Woman's Competitive

18+ Men's Competitive